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After you register you'll be prompted to download Fit Link. Use your email or Facebook to create an account and login. Then connect your Apple Health of Google Fit. By connecting you are allowing Fit Link to view your activity data.

Thats it! The next time you track an activity, we'll grab the activity data we need to convert into points and rank you in leagues.

COMBINE: Whether you use a watch for running, an HR monitor for cycling, a band for swimming or an app for yoga, we combine all your fitness and welling data into a single global platform.

COMPETE: You will find leagues for all activity types. The leagues you create are private and invite only which are great for small groups and clubs. The public leagues are visible to all members and for anyone to join. Leagues are optional to join.

COMPARE: You can view and compare each other’s stats by visiting each a profile screen and tapping into a single activity. We display calories, pace, distance, times, heart rate and maps, but best of all, we show how many points they’ve earned!


Check out the activity finder map where you will discover new activities to take part in. You will fine yoga to half marathons and everything in between. All of the activities we display are perfect ways to get active and you can use Fit Link to track them which will earn you points to spend on those amazing rewards.


Pilates (Over 40s) by ATP Health & Fitness Norwich Ltd

Sprowston Road, Norwich NR3 4HZ, United Kingdom

Get Skiing - Junior Beginner Lessons by Norfolk Snowsports Club

Norfolk Snowsports Club, Norwich, United Kingdom

Ballet Basics by The Garage

The garage, Chapel Field North, Norwich, United Kingdom

Couch to 5K by Norman Centre, Norwich

Norman Centre, Bignold Road, Norwich, United Kingdom

Drayton Health Walk by TDCA Health & Wellbeing Walks

Drayton Wood Road, Hellesdon, Norwich, United Kingdom

FUN & FIT Run to 30 by Norwich parkrun - Catton Park

Norwich NR6 7DB, United Kingdom


Tracked activities are converted into points which unlock amazing rewards. We partner with local and national suppliers to bring you some exclusive deals and offers. Here are examples of the type of local rewards you can unlock. To unlock a reward, first, you need to track some activities, which will earn you points that unlock these rewards.



If you're a business, you can offer time-off or lunch vouchers as a valuable reward along with our standard rewards. If your a city council then partnering with your local independents is a great way of supporting the high street by sending healthy customers into reward partner shops, gyms, cafes etc.

Every group is different and Fit link will work with you to create the most valuable rewards for your group members. You can have a range of different value rewards from 50 points to 500 points, there are no limits to how many rewards you list but we recommend you keep updating them ensuring there are always new and exciting rewards for members to unlock and redeem.


The successful 'Cycle to Work' scheme has been around for years and is a great way to encourage active travel which we support and endorse. To make this even better is to make it competitive and/or rewarding to cycle to work.

Setting up a 'Cycle to Work League' to encourage healthy competition between colleges and then rewarding staff for using their bikes is a perfect way to really make your Cycle to Work scheme a success.


Leaving your car at home and choosing to walk, run or cycle to work means you'll save money on the fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. Also, fewer cars on the roads mean fewer emissions being produced so you're helping to cut down on CO2 gasses and helping to save the planet.

If your car park is overflowing and causing problems then active travel will help solve that too. We would also highly recommend a car share scheme by Liftshare ( to really solve the car park problem as well as helping staff get to work.


52% of people in the UK are already tracking their activities so the chances are your staff are too! We support all the popular trackers, apps, devices and wearables so joining and connecting is easy. We convert fitness data into points which are used in leagues and to unlock rewards.

Data is at the heart of what we do and helps us report and prove how fit, healthy and happy your staff so therefore your company is.


As an admin to your group site, you can monitor and report on the success of the campaign, how many users, how many activities, how many rewards, and most importantly, the modal shift.

Fit Link businesses are more productive, have lower absenteeism, an easier recruitment process, better staff retention and are an all-around happier place to work and thrive!

Fit Link cities and happier and healthier places to live, work and play. Local independents have a new way of attracting healthy customers by adding rewards to Fit Link. Councils can proactively support their city and people can get rewarded for creating healthy habits.


We've found that Fit Link brings people together in the name of health and fitness. Challenges can be created to really get that competitive vibe going and how about a company or city-wide competition - see how your company or city compares to a competitor!

Being fit and healthy should be fun, sociable and rewarding, and that's at the core of what we do at Fit Link. Our mission is to make the world fit, healthy and happy and we need you, your business and your cities to join us to make this happen.

Fit Link is a great use of technology that enables businesses and cities to encourage and reward people to get active, to get outside, to meet like-minded people, and to be fit, healthy and happy.


An innovative solution that staff love that will keep them engaged and retained. Millennials expect to be looked after by their employers and also want to see that their employer is reducing their impact on the environment.

It's not just about staff perks anymore as job hunters look for more value in their role, their potential employer's reputation, company culture and how well they are looked at work.