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Get your own bespoke and branded website with content that you can edit and manage. The site is used as a tool to communicate with your employees, to showcase the rewards and benefits, and it’s an activation point for new joiners.

Bespoke, Relevant & Valuable Rewards

Let people know they’re doing a great job! Appreciation energises people. Fitlink’s corporate wellness app allows your employees to track their activities, earning them rewards that make them feel great.

In our experience, finding something bespoke, relevant and valuable to your staff will be far more effective than giving them general high-street vouchers. All rewards are managed by you from your dashboard. Examples of good rewards would be free yoga classes, a free smoothie or sandwich, taking 1-hour off work, or a trip to the Bahamas! You name it as there are no limits to the rewards you add to your workplace wellness campaign.

Activity Data is Our Fuel

Approx. 52% of people in the UK are already tracking activities so the chances are your staff are too! We support all the popular trackers, apps, devices and wearables so for your staff to join and connect is easy. Data is at the heart of what we do and helps us report and prove how fit, healthy and happy your staff so therefore your company is.

People Analytics

View all the stats and reports via your own secure dashboard area. Here you can set up and manage the apps, leagues and rewards. You can create regular reports that will show you exactly how fit, healthy and motivated your team is.

Attract, Recruit and Retain

An innovative solution that staff love that will keep them engaged and retained. Millennials expect to be looked after by their employers and also want to see that their employer is reducing their impact on the environment.

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